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Thank you for visiting Pace Delivers. We are open 7 days a week, and now accept Meal Plan!!!

You can now order Pace Perk Delivery right here through the Pace Delivers website, with MEAL PLAN! Have a wonderful night and enjoy your food!


Delivery TWO times a day 10:30- 11pm and 12:15 am

Order by 9pm for Buffalo Wild Wings, Sal's, Don Juan's, Empire Chinese or Applebee's delivery around 10:30pm

Order by 11pm for McDonald's, Perk or Rocky's Deli delivery around 12am

Pay with Meal Plan, Flex, Credit or Debit, or Voluntary Dollars

Delivery fee is $5, $7, $9 or $11 depending on size of order

Food is usually delivered within 1/2 hour of scheduled delivery time. Delivery time is subject to change based on busy nights/restaurant wait times - No tipping accepted

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Pace Delivers is now supplying food for your meetings & events!

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comments or questions? Reach us at: pacedelivers@pace.edu, 914-773-3776